Working Man 


Born and raised, this one horse town, 

From where I came is where I settled down, 

Never needed, or asked for much, 

Worked my way from the bottom up, 


Call it tough, Call it hard, 

Blame it on the shuffle of the cards,

I earn a living, and a pint or two, 

Yeah well what else is a working man to do? 

Come rain or shine, 

You better be on time, 

or you’ll get the boot,


I work the weekends, the overtime, 

It's not ideal, but the money gets me by, 

I got my struggles, I got my grind,

In a trade for all the simple things in life, 

I’m a working man, 

and these calloused hands, 

are the proof, 


There’s the docks, There’s the mill,

Once a place of industry and skill,

But now the work here has all but gone, 

The lucky ones are all but hanging on, 


Seems my hometown just fell behind,

The recession seemed to have widened the divide,

Now there’s some tension, Good people scared,

You can sense the fear and resentment in the air, 


So when I cast my vote, 

I just went for broke, 

It was overdue, 

Coz when you ain’t got much, 

then you ain’t got much, 

to lose.

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