Two Red Lines 


I dropped out I was seventeen, 

With a lack attitude and opportunities, 

So I started up a band and got an Epiphone in ebony,

Did some part-time work just to get me by, 

I was more concerned with jamming with other guys, 

We’d stay up all night just to get ourselves up to speed, 

It was a garageland, amplified regime, 

Developing a set and kicking off a dream,


Me and the boys, headed into town, 

Played the downtown diner to decent a crowd, 

When the bar locked up we just carried on into the night, 

Met a local girl at the aftershow, 

Big into her tattoos and her rock’n’roll,

I fell underneath her spell I couldn’t help it even if I tried, 

She said she knew the score and she got the plan, 

If the band came first she’d understand,


We gigged up and down every single motorway, 

Doing everything we could to catch a lucky break, 

We put the miles to the gallon, gave it everything we had to give, 

Had the odd track ripple on the radio, 

Got a manager who got us on some bigger shows, 

But the gigs didn’t pay and that made it hard to live, 

Though it was crippling at least I had a place to stay,

My baby’s double bed was my saving grace, 



Well there was never gonna be a perfect time, 

I’d have known what to expect if I’d have read the signs, 

There were two red lines and both were clear as day, 

Neither of us knew how to take the news, 

The mixture of emotion left us so confused,

But I swore I would be there each and every step of the way, 

I guess fortune has a tendency to force your hand, 

I got a strange reception when I told the band, 


Well not long after, the whole thing split, 

Everything changed, that was the end of it, 

The evidence suggested it was best for us to separate, 

It was always gonna be a bitter pill to take, 

The decision was only ever ours to make, 

It was difficult to swallow, it was hard to appreciate,


Maybe we could only ever go so far, 

Maybe we were always gonna fall apart? 

Or maybe we ended up with so much more? 

Maybe going wrong had its own rewards…

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