6. What have we got to lose? (Blind Faith)

The tenancy we had signed in Newington was only due to last for 9 months so when the option came for renewal, we’d figured it would be best to decline the offer and head back to London. Katie’s commutes to work were only an hour at a time but it only took one minor delay to throw her journeys out of whack. Admittedly, it was something we had gotten used but at the same time something we felt we could live without.

Our time in Newington was coming to an end and we were grateful to have had the opportunity to live in the countryside. Without it we would have no perspective on what to expect should we ever want to pursue a similar lifestyle again. There were many advantages to where we lived in terms of location, having a space to park the van, not to mention that innocent a sense of privacy you get when you finally live somewhere without housemates, but ultimately the writing was on the wall and I, in particular, was thirsty for a shake up.

As a writer, it was hard to feel inspired and engaged by the particular country bubble we inhabited. It was a place where nothing really happened and any chance encounters with interesting characters that I could half relate to were few and far between.

One thing I’d learnt though, is that so long as I had Katie by my side, I had someone I could count and rely on to actually make things happen and realise ambitions. Sure, it wasn’t plain sailing the whole time but we knew that together, we were a formidable team. We’d already had a hell of a journey that had taken us through a myriad of unimaginable scenarios that spanned various corners of the planet - so changing things up once again wasn’t going to phase us now.


Blind Faith

This place ain’t doing either of us any good,

Caught in the jaws of a small town neighbourhood,

So what have we got to lose?

Trust in me and I’ll be good to you,

Some folks are happy to settle with their lot,

While some people never realise what they’ve got,

Well we’ve got a choice to make,

The path to kingdom come is ours to take,

We’ll take off in the middle of the night,

Run free yeah we’ll make it alright,

What are we waiting for?

Yeah with blind faith,

We can rise above and finally get away,

If I should fall, rescue me with your kiss,

And smother me in your love and tenderness,

See I can’t help but dream,

Can the failures of our past be redeemed?

We’ll take off in the middle of the night,

Run free, yeah we’ll make it alright,

What are we waiting for?

Whatever comes, whether we succeed,

Together we are everything we need,

What are we waiting for?

With blind faith,

We can rise above and finally get away,

With blind faith,

When the hammer falls on me,

When the world shows it’s teeth,

You give me reason to believe,

Give me hope, hope,

Only one way to go, only one way to figure it out,

We gotta wash our hands clean of fear and doubt,

So what have we got to lose?

What have we got to lose?

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