8. Run, Focus, Write

At the top of 2019, I vowed to start each day on the right foot by heading out for an early morning run whatever the weather. It was an opportunity to get out, catch a sunrise and get the juices flowing before burying my head in the sand for the remainder of the day by either writing, rehearsing, or attending to the endless task of music related admin.

I’d stick on an album or a playlist that was related to the music I was trying to create in order to subconsciously influence myself, regularly finding myself drawn to albums by ‘The War on Drugs’ and ‘Gang of Youths.’

Initially, going for a run in the unforgiving freezing darkness felt gruelling yet at the same time, somehow strangely liberating. My mornings became productive and focussed as I worked my way through all my new songs, experimenting with a ton of various instrumental ideas on all of my demos.

It takes a lot to make a record that sounds like a band despite not having that luxury. In some ways you can get to the point a lot quicker but in others, it takes forever. For example, a band can quickly identify who’s playing what and what’s going wrong where before rectifying it and moving on swiftly. In my case, I’d have to record everything myself to figure what the guilty party was in the arrangement.

I tried hard to create between the structured hours of a 9-6 work day but ultimately still found myself clutching at straws when it came to having fully formed circuits of songs with meaning, purpose and sincerity especially there was now a personal and psychological theme to try and accommodate.

Though Katie would insist it was ok, I was unable to work through the night unrestricted. My studio setup was in our bedroom and I wasn’t going to be a dick by playing music while she was on the other side of the room trying to sleep after a long day at work. With a deadline now firmly set in place for the studio recordings, I needed a fully focussed environment free of all distraction. There was only one place to go, the place where I’d written many of my earlier works with zero distractions and ease, the place everything started for me, Wales.

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