2017 Update (New material, touring and festivals)!

Rough Cuts:

Hello once again, 2017 for me kicked off in a fairly reclusive fashion as I spent most of January solidly writing a new collection of songs before demoing them up in my best friend’s garage. Inspiration was drawn from a whole host of areas like the inescapable circus of global politics, to the science of relationship breakdowns, to accounts of my own experiences ‘growing up.’

Ultimately though, these songs all share one common trait - hope.

I’ve been testing the material out live on my current travels and there’s a few songs that are definitely starting to cement their places in my set.

A lot of the demos were recorded live to try and capture more of a ‘sincere’ feel to it all which is probably why I don’t mind sharing them despite the lack of production. Those of you on Facebook will probably have noticed or come across the first of these songs in a lyric-video called ‘Tell Tale Signs of Tumultuous Times’ which is available to listen to now on soundcloud.


Rather than bombarding you with a load of material, I’ll be adding some of the other tracks from ‘Rough Cuts’ in pairs over the coming month or so. I figured it’d be better to give these songs some light of day even if they are in demo format rather than wait another 3-4 months minimum (due to touring) before I can feasibly get back into a studio to track them properly. Whether I’d even be able to afford recording them properly then is another matter altogether anyway.

I’d love to get your feedback and know what works or resonates with you.


Touring plans:

We’re currently making our way through a run of 38 gigs across 9 countries starting with the country that welcomed us so much last year - Ireland.

Currently, I’m sat in the van in Cobh typing this out with 4 gigs so far under our belt. We have 5 more to play this week before we catch the ferry back to Liverpool on the 28th Feb for our UK run of gigs that take us to into mid March.

I’ll be playing in Guildford, London, Bristol, Oxford, Daventry, Stafford and Wye (Kent).

Tickets for my London show at the Notting Hill Arts Club are here:


Following that, we then head into mainland Europe to play gigs in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Italy.

Check out the gig list (on this website) for more info and more importantly, come to one! When you’re on the road for long periods of time, one of the best rewards is hanging out with some like-minded / familiar faces.



Chuffed to have been confirmed for 2 UK festivals.

The first is called ‘Deerstock’ (22nd July) and is based in Nottinghamshire. Deerstock was a festival I played with my last band (Electric River) just before we went our separate ways and have always remained supportive with me and my music despite building up a profile from the ground up again. I owe them a lot. It’s a really great party with tons of great acts and much of the efforts go towards charitable causes. I’m planning on some pretty cool things for the set - but more on that later in the year.

Tickets are here:


The second festival which falls a week later is probably a touch less hedonistic and is more of a family affair. Based in the midlands, ‘Big Family Festival’ is an event that launched a year ago winning over plenty of friends as well as being nominated for several festival awards in the process. They’ve kindly agreed to have me play on the Sunday (30th July) which I’m really looking forward to playing.

Tickets are here:



As always, thanks for your ongoing support with this project. It means the world.

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