First steps

Towards the end of 2015, when Electric River (my one and only band of over 10 years) was coming to an end, it left me pretty confused, uncertain about the future and unsure whether to down musical tools altogether.

I'd been writing for a follow up ER album to our debut record for the best part of 18 months and was gutted that none of that work would ever see the light of day.

I was also pretty down about not being able to tour again with my best friends and experience all the weird and wonderful things that go with it.

Naturally, I felt betrayed and equally disheartened by the thing I loved most - Music.

So to clear my head and get some clarity I ditched London to take shelter in a house sat on the west coast of Wales. Packed in the car were some books, records and small home studio setup in case I needed to capture something more out of therapy than anything else.

2 weeks of complete and total solitude later, and in what turned out to be the most awe inspiring environment I could ever imagine, I came out the other side with a ton of fresh material integral to my own experiences and to the person I have become.

With a new sense of urgency and momentum the following 6 months have consisted of further relentless writing, demoing and practicing. If I thought I was a pretty disciplined songwriter / musician before, this was on a new level. I'm now ready to start sharing some of the fruits of my efforts and roll out my first solo project. Backed up by some incredibly talented musicians, I'll be hitting the studio with Brett Shaw (Florence & the Machine, Daughter, Clean Bandit) to record an EP at the end of May which I will then be releasing independently as soon as possible as an excuse to be back out on the road using Europe as my blank canvass- thus feeding the touring itch and ticking off an area that somehow eluded ER.

The new project is designed to work live both in a solo and band format so in time there'll be a variety of gigs to choose from in time depending on what floats your boat.

I'm also taking to the calling by ditching 'normal' life and living off-grid in a van with the hope that it gives me the time and freedom I need to feed what I think this project deserves.

I'll keep you updated with music news, travel tips, stories and experiences both via a youtube channel and of course this blog.

Thanks for reading this and being part of the first steps on this journey.

Big love,


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