All I Want


Like a dream that never fades,

You and me, got it made,
I will seek to keep you safe,

You are all I want,

You and me, all the same,

You and me, wear the name,

And as we meet once again,

You are all I want,


All I wanna do is lift you up,
Be the one you need when things are tough,

Learn to laugh and live, that’s real love,

You are all I want,


I will give you cover,
I will keep you sound,
I will be for better,
Our love will keep us bound, 

You make it so easy, 

And only you know how,

Never seen such a sight,

Never been to such a height,

And what it means to be alive,

You are all I want,






Well I’m in awe of everything you do,

Blessed is the one to be with you,
And I’ll do everything I can to prove,
You are all I want,

You are all I want.





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