Age of Wonder 

I’m gonna run like I’ve never run, like I’ve never done, the way I have before, Tied down to some masterplan, I’m gonna give it all and then a little more,

I’m ready for come what may,
I’ll take the hits, along the way,

Gotta push, gotta prove them wrong, I gotta move along, I got places to go, Coz in the dark it’s hard to keep- following an arrow down the straight and the narrow,
I wanna ditch these corridors,
And find what lies, behind the unexplored,
This narrative is not defined,
By idle hearts and bitter minds,


It takes some wondering how,

I’m not afraid of venturing out,

At an age of wonder now,


I can’t tell what’s coming next, which way to turn, or which way to go?

The older I get, the more I understand how little I actually know, 
And all the while, time disappears,
Up dead-end roads and bad careers,

Well aren’t we all just making it up?

Some of its love and some of its luck,

It takes some wondering how,
As the rain comes tumbling down,

At an age of wonder now,


You - you go yours and I'll go mine. 


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